Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just Like Starting Over

It's been... a long time since I blogged regularly for myself.

Oh, I write book blogs and so on, but since my second was born, life has been more and more hectic and I just haven't found the time. I had left the old blog up, why not, in case I wanted somewhere to write, but really, I feel like that was ages ago, everything I wrote, and I feel ready to disconnect myself from it and start over, fresh.

It's still there, all the old posts and your comments, just made private. I may republish a few old favourites from it here at some point, and meanwhile, if anyone has reason to want access to it, I'll be happy to grant that, though I think there will likely be nothing new there, ever.

I'm not even sure how much I'll write here, but I just wanted a fresh page. I feel like my writing has slipped from lack of practice, like there have been times I've had things to say and didn't want to pile newer stuff onto the old blog, like I wasn't sure, having become easier about the privacy of who kittenpie is, that I wanted all that old stuff hanging around in the open.

And so, a fresh blog. We'll see what happens around here - at this point, I truly don't know where I'll steer her, but I like the feel of a fresh breeze in my hair and new possibilities open before me.

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